Main area of research

Production and inventory management in supply chains

The research in production and inventory management belongs to the disciplines of management science and operations research. The focus is on quantitative methods and mathematical modeling of decision problems in production planning, logistics and supply chain management. Most research deals with decisions under uncertainty and stochastic models. Emphasized areas include: management of supply chain (multi-echelon) inventory systems, centralized vs. decentralized control and use of information, spare parts distribution, sustainability, inventory management of perishable items, applications of financial theory in operations management, modeling and evaluation of distribution systems with lateral transshipments and emergency deliveries. 

Professor Johan Marklund,
PhD Assistant professor Peter Berling,

Technology Strategy and Business Models

The research group Technology Strategy and business models performs research on innovation management in the technology-based company context. The research is based on close relationships and collaboration with industry. By starting from the needs of the business, the results can be put into practice and contribute to strengthen the long-term competitiveness of mainly Swedish industry. 

Ola Alexanderson:,
Ingela Elofsson:
Carl-Johan Asplund:,

Research Projects 

EU interreg-project for the Öresund region "Eco Mobility". Participant and assistant thematic network coordinator 2009-2011 (collaboration with industry, Syncron, UBQ, Bring-Frigoscandia, Sony Ericsson).

Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius stiftelse samt Tore Browaldhs stiftelse, administrated by Svenska Handelsbanken, P2008-0107:1 "Methods for cost evaluation and control of integrated supply chains". Project leader 2008-2010. 

Design and Control of Sustainable Supply Chains. Project leader: Johan Marklund

Coordinated inventory control at Volvo Parts. Project leader: Johan Marklund

Evaluation and Control of Sustainable Logistics Systems when Using Lateral Transshipments. 
Project leader: Jörgen Siversson (Tetra Pak) and Fredrik Olsson

Joint Consideration of Price and Demant Uncertainty when Designing Sourcing Strategy. 
Project leader: Peter Berling

Evaluation and use of extended information in integrated supply chains. Project leader: Johan Marklund (collaboration with industry, Volvo Parts, Lindab). 

NordForsk: Management, design and evaluation of sustainable 
freight and logistics systems

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