Management, design and evaluation of sustainable freight and logistics systems

The proposed research project will focus on developing methods and models for management and evaluation of integrated inventory and sustainable freight transportation systems. Special attention will be given to supply chain strategies for shipment consolidation, lateral transshipments and combinations of different modes of transportation. This means that the project fits well in the area of New management models, concepts and tools supporting sustainable logistics and co-modality in a Nordic approach as specified in the call. The results in terms of analytical models and decision support tools can be of direct use for companies that aspire to achieve cost efficient and sustainable supply chain solutions.


Lund University, Production Management, Faculty of Engineering
Johan Marklund,  Professor
Fredrik Olsson, Assistant Professor
Peter Berling, Assistant Professor
Olof Stenius PhD student

Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University
Centre for Operations Research Applications in Logistics (CORAL)
Christian Larsen, Professor
Jens Lysgaard, Professor
Lars Relund Associate Professor
Marcel Turkensteen Associate Professor
Hartanto Wong, Associate Professor
Sanne Wøhlk, Associate Professor
Sin C. Ho, Associate Professor

Norwegian School of Economics, Dept of Finance and Management Science
Kurt Jörnsten, Professor
Gunnar Eskeland, Professor

Aalto University School of Economics (former HSE)
Ari P.J. Vepsäläinen, Professor


Tetra Pak Technical Service AB

Syncron International AB

Lantmännen AB

Bring Frigoscandia AB

Project Leader and Manager

Project manager:
Lund University, Faculty of Engineering

Project leader:
Johan Marklund
+46 46 2228013


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